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We invite you to reserve either the A.Paul & Carol Schaap Community Center at Hall 1 (mid-trail) or Seagull Lake Community Center at Hall 3 (upper trail).




How to Reserve: Please review the following guidelines. Note that these guidelines are subject to change at any time by the GTVFD Board of Directors. Contact information below

General Community Center Guidelines

1. A designated GTVFD person will be in charge of this space, not necessarily the hall lieutenant. That person will make sure room supplied and clean before and after each use.

2. The Community Centers are available for use by Gunflint Trail residents, organizations associated with the Gunflint Trail, and for community activities that "benefit the Gunflint Trail community". The Centers are not to be in competition with for-profit venues on the Trail. All room requests considered on a case-by-case basis.

3. The Community Centers are available free-of-charge but charges may be assessed if the community center not left in good condition, as outlined below.

4. In an effort to maintain and improve the Community Centers, the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department accepts and appreciates donations.

Community Use: Policy and Guidelines

1. Party responsible for reservation will be responsible for set up and cleanup of the area. Cleanup involves vacuuming, mopping bathroom floors, wiping down of tables, cleaning of kitchen and bathroom as needed and removing all event garbage/recycling off the premises.

2. No tacks or tape on walls.

3. No tobacco use inside the building.

4. No responsibility taken by the Gunflint Trail Fire Department for any damages or illness incurred from the use of these facilities.

Room Reservation Procedures:

1. Contact Barb Tuttle (218)388-4449, Andy McDonnell (218)388-2221, Jim Morrison (218)388-0506 or Barb Bottger (218)388-0868. Reservations listed on the fire department calendar and the public website.

2. Fire department use preempts any usage of the Center. In the event of an emergency and the center is needed by the fire department, an existing reservation can be cancelled.
3. If alcohol is served or consumed, you MUST complete & submit liquor liability waiver before use of premises.
Alcohol Policy & Waiver:

Equipment Usage Policy:

1. Community Center equipment, including tables and chairs, may not be used outside of the Center.

2. All equipment, including kitchen equipment must be cleaned and returned to the designated storage area in accordance with the usage checklist.

3. Please return tables and chairs to the location where you found them.

Building Policy:

1. Designated person in charge of space will turn on heat (if appropriate) before usage. Heat adjusted via heat control unit on the wall next to the bathroom.

2. Close all windows and turn off heat, lights, fans, coffeepots, etc. when you leave.

3. Key pad instructions given when you reserve the room. The person responsible for the reservation is also the person responsible for locking the facility when done.

4. Phone use for local calls only. Do not make long distance calls.

5. Shower facilities are for fire department personnel only.

Kitchen Policy:

1. All food will be handled in accordance with local sanitation codes.

2. Please read the equipment manuals left in the kitchen and follow directions for using any equipment. The GTVFD will supply coffeepots and cleaning supplies.

3. Disposable items in cabinets (napkins, paper plates, condiments, etc.) are owned by the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Dept. Please bring your own disposable items.

4. Absolutely no food or containers are to be left in the building.

5. Dishware in community center should be washed prior to use.
6. No food or food residue left on counters, stovetop, oven, sink or floor.

7. Please wash all surface counter areas and spray with bleach solution provided.

8. Please clean stovetop and oven if your food spills. Do not leave it for someone else to clean. REMEMBER TO TURN BURNERS OFF

9. Please use the vacuum and/or mop and pail in the mechanical room as needed to clean the floors.

10. Empty coffee filters and turn off and unplug coffeemakers after use.

11. Any garbage/recycling must be removed by person/persons using the Center.

12. Make sure, when you are finished, the Community Center is in as good
 (or better) condition than you found it.

13. The GTVFD reserves the right to charge you if we have to clean up after your event.

We've posted photos of the Fire Hall expansion so you can see "Before" and "After" pics. On the menu list on the left, click on "Photo Album" to view.

The Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department graciously thanks all of you who have donated your money, time and talents. You are making our community stronger and safer. Your continued generosity is greatly appreciated.


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