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Evacuation Procedures

The following information is for Gunflint Trail residents and visitors and is provided by the Gunflint Trail Fire Department and Cook County: If you choose to evacuate your property/camping area PRIOR to an official evacuation (if/should one be necessary) please follow these steps:
  1. Call (218) 387-3637 and follow the automated instructions.
    • You will be asked to give your name and names of others going with you, where you are coming from and where you are going.
    • This information will be recorded by Cook County Public Health and Human Services Staff to help track evacuees and answer calls from others interested in your safety and whereabouts.
  2. If you are a property owner around the fire zone the Gunflint Trail Fire Department INSTRUCTS you to:
    • Remain calm.
    • Leave the power and outside lights on; turn off propane to the house or cabin at the tank.
    • Attach a written note to the door, or leave on the table in the cabin with date, time, and who evacuated and where you are heading.
    • Leave your cabin locked.
    • Take your pets with you, unless directed otherwise.
    • Take your medications with you.
    • Tie a white cloth/towel/sheet on your blue street address sign to signify that you are gone. (When there is more than one sign on a post, tie the cloth around your sign number.)
    • Drive carefully with your headlights on!
  3. Bring at least the following items in your Evacuation Kit
    • Prescription medications in ORIGINAL BOTTLES
    • Eyeglasses, contacts and solution/equipment
    • Special equipment/medical supplies for infants, elderly or people with special needs, (such as oxygen, nebulizers, wheelchair, cane, diapers, formula, etc)
    • Important documents, (living wills, birth certificates, social security cards, other forms of identification, etc)
    • Phone numbers of out of area contacts
    • Personal care items/change of clothing
    • Pillow/blanket/towel
    • Pets: supplies/records/medications
Additional information:

Call 911 for emergency assistance.

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